Rental Information



 Payment is due upon booking. You can pay by Cash, Paypal or e-Transfer    


Upon arrival we will require a $125 Cash Deposit and Photo ID to take the gear on your own. Fishing hours are from

8AM to DUSK 7 days a week. We do not charge by the person so bring friends and split up the bill. We have many HUTS available. Make it a family outing, team building or party on the lake.   Have a cook out, BBQ, bring out the family dog...

(Be sure to clean up after yourselves, you will definitly lose your deposit if you leave a mess behind)


Paying by PayPal you will be charged an extra $5.00 transaction fee. That fee is charged to us and since our Tent's are only $50 per day. We have to pass it along....  When paying it will be a total of $55.00

e-Transfer details

e-Transfer seems to be the best way to go these days

We also rent out propane heaters with the tank.

$50 Per Day propane included

Auger rental is availble for $50 Per day.

Extra deposit will be required

Licence Fees (includes GST)
Seniors            (Manitobans 65 and over)      Conservation Licence   FREE    Regular Licence $25.10
(Manitoban Resident)       age 16-64              Conservation Licence.$19.20    Regular Licence  $25.10
(Canadian Resident)          age 16 and over   Conservation Licence  $28.00   Regular Licence   $47.65
(Nonresident)                     age 16 and over   Conservation Licence  $37.85   Regular  Licence  $62.35

Fishing rods will be for rent  $10 each per day

Hooks or Tackle and bait are not included

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Can't beat our special


8X8 Tent  -  Ice Auger  -  Heater & Propane Tank 


All this for only

Per day

gallery/ice auger

All payments are payable to Gail Roth


All payments are payable to Gail Roth



Set up instructions

Start up instructions

Ice Fishing Flasher FOR RENT $50 per day

Extra deposit will be required

Pay now

Pay now


LARGE ROOMY 8x12 Ice fishing SHACK Rentals $125


                Just Insulated Tents are only $50 per Day

Dont just sit in one spot.  GO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.   Move around

These are the most comfortable rental shacks on Lake Winnipeg

We have 10 holes in each shack. Seats are 24 inch deep by 12 feet

Heater, Propane & Gas Auger Included

If you need extra room for seating, you get that here

gallery/lawrence flasher
gallery/picture for 555
gallery/heater for rent(1)

Over night ice fishing is $100 per night